Best 43-inch Smart TVs in UK for 2022

Our short list with the candidates for the title "Best 43-inch Smart TV offered in UK"

best TV list 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic we see rising demand for digital products like PCs, laptops, TVs and more. 

Sometimes it gets quite hard to navigate around all offers on the market, that is why today we have compiled a short list with what we think could be the best 43-inch Smart TVs offered in UK in 2022

Best 43-inch TVs in UK for 2022 - the list

So here is the list with the pretenders:

Toshiba 43L2163DB

That is a good example for a cheap TV with good specifications. It will not impress you with design or some innovative features but still delivers adequate Full HD image and Smart TV functionality.

TCL 43DP628

TCL 43DP628 is a very good 43-inch Smart TV which also comes with an affordable price tag. Both YouTube and Netflix are supported in 4k on this one.

LG 43UM7000PLA

This LG TV is on the market for quite some time but can still be found in 2022. That is one mid-range 43-inch Smart TV with simple design and nice set of consumer features offered on good price.

Toshiba 43UA2B63DB

The 43UA2B63DB provides quality 4k picture and nice set of features like sound by Onkyo, Smart TV with YouTube 4k and Netflix 4k.

It is still early in 2022 so we will definitely update this list. Until then, we will be happy to hear your opinion about this TV selection.