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Is Elon Musk really visiting Belogradchik, Bulgaria?

Bulgarians are super excited around the possible visit of Elon Musk in Belogradchik, Bulgaria

Elon Musk Belogradchik
Image: Twitter

There was a huge hype around the news that Elon Musk might be visiting Bulgaria in the beginning of 2023. 
All this happened after just one tweet reply under a beautiful image of the Belogradchik rocks in Twitter. 

But is Elon really going to Bulgaria and why he might?

Couple of days after Elon's tweet, a gourmet restaurant near Belogradchik posted a letter supposing it is coming from Elon's entourage. The letter is in regards to a potential reservation in the restaurant in question. 
Belogradchik is a small town in Bulgaria, known for its unique rock formations, historical sites, and natural beauty. 
All of that that turned into huge thing in Bulgaria and the news was quickly spread by the local medias. Also, hundreds of memes appeared in the social networks, most of them showing funny images of Elon and the Belogradchik rocks.
Some politics and popular people in Bulgaria used the moment to take credits of the situation, while the locals requested funding to fix the roads and infrastructure in the region so that it would be nicer for Elon's visit. 
Currently we don't have an official confirmation if the visit will take part some time next year or it is just one of those moments when someone took advantage, using celebrity's activity for own purposes and goals.