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2019 Geneva International Motor Show

2019 Geneva International Motor Show - best new cars

Geneva Motor Show 2019 promises to be one very interesting with world premiers of new models and many innovations in the car industry would be presented. Car enthusiasts won't be disappointed by the fact that almost all big brands are participating in Geneva. 
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Opel Insignia at the 2017 Sofia Motor Show

The all new second generation Opel Insignia was presented at the 2017 Sofia Motor Show in Bulgaria

2018 Opel Insignia review
The beautiful Insignia at the Sofia Motor Show

Opel Insignia
has always been one of my favorites in the middle sized sedan segment. The first generation impressed with solid build quality and modern design that attracted many buyers across the world (sold as Buick in United States, Vauxhall in UK and Holden in Australia).

blue 2018 Opel Insignia
Blue 2018 Opel Insignia in Sofia

Earlier this year Opel presented their second generation Insignia which is now bigger, a bit sportier but not more expensive. Compared to the last generation the new Insignia keeps the price ranges pretty much the same so no bad surprises here.
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Subaru Levrog at 2017 Sofia Motor Show

Subaru Levrog Wagon debuting at the 2017 Sofia Motor Show

As promised was at the 2017 Sofia Motor Show last week and there are couple of vehicles that grabbed our attention during our visit there.

Today we are taking a look at the latest generation Subaru Levrog Wagon which looks bolder and modern but is it really ready for the increasing competition in the segment, we'll see in the next few minutes.

Here are the top 3 things I liked about the Levrog Wagon:
  • Nice interior with decent to good build quality
  • Sporty exterior design
  • Functionality and trunk space
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What to expect from the 2017 Sofia Motor Show

Over 50 premiers at one of the biggest motor shows in Eastern Europe

2017 Sofia Motor Show starts today in Bulgaria's capital and the car industry is really excited about it. It promises over 50 car premiers from popular brands like Opel, Mercedes, BMW and more that 80 different cars and bikes that will be available for test drive during the show. Of course we will see larger presence of European and Asian manufacturers and a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles.
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