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Diztronic iPhone 5 TPU case - tested

Diztronic matte black TPU case for Apple iPhone 5 tested

Diztronic iPhone 5 TPU case
Diztronic iPhone 5  case
We have tested couple of Diztronic's TPU cases already and I can say that we are very pleased with the results. The cases remained their shape and looks after long time of use and kept the devices safe from any negative influences. Today we are taking a look at the one of Diztronic's most popular cases which is made to protect one of the most popular smartphones in the world - the iPhone 5.

The case that we tested was decided in matte black and was entirely made of the strong and durable TPU material Diztronic are using for most of their cases. The material itself prevents fingerprints and makes the iPhone 5 always look clean and stylish. I can say the phone fits very nice and tidy in the case and dust and moisture are isolated from the device. Of course for full protection you would need to buy a front screen protector which unfortunately doesn't come with the case like in some other Diztronic models.
iPhone 5 black TPU case
Diztronic iPhone 5 TPU case

top Diztronic iPhone 5Diztronic iPhone 5 TPU case bottom

Diztronic iPhone 5 TPU
volume rocker buttons are nicely covered by the Diztronic iPhone 5 TPU case
The Diztronic iPhone 5 TPU case is very light and though we didn't test it for too long I am sure it is very durable and will last for quite some time. The most amazing part of all is that the case isn't expensive at all - you can buy it for $8.99 from Diztronic's site which to me looks like an amazing deal.

And if you are using any phone different from the Apple iPhone 5 I would recommend you to check the rest of our reviews of Diztronic cases.

Searching for the best case - Diztronic matte black TPU case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Review of the Diztronic matte black TPU case for smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4

Diztronic matte black TPU case for Samsung Galaxy S4
TPU case Samsung Galaxy S4
Another day in the office and yet another interesting review that we've prepared for you. This is going to be a short one as there isn't much to say about a smartphone case. Today we are taking a look at the Diztronic matte black TPU case for Samsung Galaxy S4 which happens to be one of the better cases for one of the most popular smartphones in the world.
case Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 TPU case for

Diztronic matte black TPU Galaxy S4

First of all I would like to send a big Thanks to our friends from Diztronic who were kind enough to send us couple of their cases for review, you are awesome guys. 
So, to begin with this case was specially designed to fit Galaxy S4 and it won't suit any other brand or model. The case is entirely made of thermoplastic polyurethane and it looks and feels quite durable. The edges of the case have glossy finish while the back is entirely black matte which provides excellent grip and doesn't attract fingerprints. The case looks very simple and elegant at the same time but you will definitely need some time to get used to the new size and weight of your smartphone. The cuts made for the camera, speaker and ports are done with high precision so they wouldn't tear apart on the edges after extensive use.

Diztronic Galaxy S4
Top of the TPU case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Diztronic Galaxy S4 case
TPU case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - bottom part

 Diztronic also proved to be very reliable in time. I have been using the Galaxy Nexus Diztronic case for more than a year and I have to say that I am really impressed as it kept my lovely Nexus in perfect shape no matter the harsh moments it went through (hopefully it will keep it this way for some more time). 

Of course when talking about consumer products we have to mention the price. And here is where the Diztronic cases really shine, not only they look and feel good but also come at a very competitive price. Actually I can categorize them as affordable as the Samsung Galaxy S4 case is offered for as low as $8.99 for the high gloss clear TPU case and $9.99 for the rest of the model line (Black GlitterFlex, pink, purple and blue versions are also offered).
So, that is all for today's smartphone accessories review, very soon we will share more information and impressions about the other cases that we tested, including the one for iPhone 5. 

Diztronic Samsung Galaxy Nexus case - consumer review

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Diztronic case test and review

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Diztronic case
Diztronic Samsung Galaxy Nexus case TPU case

I just wanted to share few words about the case I am using for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and how pleased am I with it.

Diztronic Samsung Galaxy NexusI bought the Diztronic matte back TPU case (in black, also offered in translucent smoke) for my Galaxy Nexus few months ago for around $10 and it has been amazing so far.

When I first saw few tiny 'hairs' scratches on the display I decided I need a case and a friend of mine recommended few options including this flexible Diztronic case.

First of all I should mention that I ordered my from online store and the shipping was quick and the shipping and handling fees were pretty reasonable. The case also came with screen protector which I instantly installed together with the case. Both the case and the protector fitted just perfectly on my phone and it suddenly felt sturdy and more solid in the hand. Of course the dimensions of the phone  changed a little but it was definitely worth it.

Here are few images with my Galaxy Nexus equipped with the Diztronic case. The installation process was quick and effortless:


Diztronic case

The matte back of the case doesn't attract any fingerprints and it stays clean in almost any conditions (no matter the usual mess in my pockets).

My Galaxy Nexus also suffered few very bad drops on hard floors and thanks to the Diztronic TPU case it remained in one piece, in perfect working condition.

I know the Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn't for sale anymore but it is still one of the more popular phones in the world and in case you own one I strongly recommend you the Diztronic Samsung Galaxy Nexus case, it is a really bargain considering what it may have caused my to repair my phone. Diztronic also offers cases for a wide variety of phones including the most popular models from Samsung, HTC and Apple.

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