iPhone 5 concept

iPhone 5

Today, in Steve Jobs honor we are going to review mainly Apple products.
One of the most intriguing and expected models in the near future is the new generation of iPhone.

Here is what the iPhone 4S already offers:

Apple - Introducing iPhone 4S

Most rumors about the iPhone 5 are based this video uploaded in YouTube

Amazing Concept iPhone 5. This CG iPhone 5 has advanced iPhone features such as a sleeker iPhone design, a laser keyboard & holographic display all rolled into this iPhone 5 video.
The computer generated Concept iPhone 5 features is an exponential leap to the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs of today.
We hope you enjoy this iPhone 5 video more than the current trend of iPhone 5 rumors such as iPhone 5 leaked and iPhone 5 unboxing videos. Apple is yet to make the iPhone 5 announcement. So have your fill of this new iPhone video before the iPhone 5 release.