Hyundai i30 test drive and review

Hyundai i30 test drive and review

Hyundai i30 review
Hyundai i30

Today we are going to test drive and review one of Hyundai's best selling models. The i30 is a big competitor in the so called 'Golf class'.

Hyundai i30 design doesn't make it stand out from the crowd but build quality and 5-year warranty make a very good deal. Price of base models is very low and that makes it even more desirable.

Here is a short Hyundai i30 test drive pointing out its main advantages and disadvantages.

Hyundai i30 test drive and review - video

It's competitively priced, but the Hyundai i30 is not a budget car - it's much better than that! In fact, it was placed top in the 2010 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, with owners heaping praise on the car's quality, reliability and low running costs. While it doesn't quite offer the same sense of class or quality as a VW Golf - or offer the styling flair of a Honda Civic - it feels built to last. What's more the engine line-up is economical and the cabin is comfortable and spacious. Add to that a five-year unlimited mileage warranty and the i30 is well worth considering.

Hyundai i30
Hyundai i30 interior is nothing special, mainly functional with easy access to all basic controls

There is already new model update of the i30 for 2012. The all new Hyundai i30 has bolder and more aggressive design and compared to the old model. It will  have wider range of engines as well.

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