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2019 BMW 3 series (G20) vs 5 series (G30)

2019 BMW 3 series (G20) vs 5 series (G30) - video comparison of the latest editions of the luxury sedans 

3 series (G20) vs 5 series (G30)

The all new 2019 BMW 3 series (G20) showed up in showrooms just few weeks ago and it caused a lot of discussions in the automotive world. The best selling small Bavarian sedan is far from revolutionary but it is entirely new compared to the previous generation 3-series. Many BMW fans do not completely approve its design language and features but this is what they will see in the next few years.

In today's video preview I will present you a short video comparison between the 2019 BMW 3 series (G20) vs 5 series (G30). Enjoy the video:

2019 BMW 3 series (G20) vs 5 series (G30) - video comparison

And if you are interested in the previous generation 3-series, please check:

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