Samsung HMX-F80 camcorder

Samsung HMX-F80 camcorder price, features specs and review

Samsung HMX-F80 review – Samsung HMX-F80 is a budget-friendly way to record all of life’s memorable moments. Whether you are a social media addict or simply like to make home movies the F80 gives you the tools you need to do so without breaking the bank. That being said this camera embodies a ‘traditional’ camcorder design. It also has a decent-sized 2.7′ LCD Intelli-Studio software built-in and features like 52x optical and 65x Intelli-zoom. What it comes to recording resolution the F80 boasts 1280 x 720p 30 fps movie recording with 1080i upscaling for viewing on your HDTV – via the camera’s HDMI output connection. The F80 also takes 1.9Mp still images. Either way – video or still – the camera’s image-making capabilities are powered by the 5Mp 1/3.2′ CMOS sensor. Other features helping to make your memories into long-lasting recordings are Smart Auto face detection time-lapse record/pause and Smart BGM 2 which allows you to add background music to your movies for playback.

Samsung HMX-F80 specifications:
Sensor: 5 Megapixel 1/3.2″ CMOS
Zoom: Optical: 52x; Intelligent (Optical): 65x
Video Format: High Definition: MPEG AVC/H.264, 1280 x 720p (30 fps); High Definition: MPEG
1280 x 720/30p HD Recording
AVC/H.264, 1920 x 1080i
Still Image Resolution: JPEG 1.9 Megapixel
Display Type: LCD
Screen Size: 2.7″
Built-in Mic: Yes
Built-in Speaker: Yes
1080i HDMI Upscaling
5Mp 1/3.2″ CMOS Sensor
2.7″ LCD Screen
52x Optical Zoom and 65x Intelli-Zoom
1.9Mp Still Image Capture
Built-In Intelli-Studio Editing Software
Smart BGM 2 Background Music
Time-Lapse Recording
Dimensions (WxHxD): 2.1 x 2.2 x 4.7″ / 5.33 x 5.59 x 11.94 cm

Samsung HMX-F80 video test

Samsung HMX-F80 price – this camcorder can be found in tech stores for around $170

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  1. Anonymous

    I bought and am returning this camcorder. Sure it has a lot of features but the still pics come our blurry in sploches in the picture. Tried many different setting including Auto Smart. Nothing was better then my old 6 lb. shoulder mounted 1989 Panasonic VHS tape recorder camera.
    Very disappointed after hearing Samsung was top of the line now.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Those budget cameras with good specs got to have any downside or we wouldn't buy the expensive high end models. For $170 Samsung HMX-F80 may not be the best option out there but you get what you pay for – cheap HD camcorder.

  3. Anonymous

    Just bought mine yesterday, and am having a blast. Recorded an aircraft coming by and landing at a airport, with good quality presentation. For $170 bucks, you don't expect 35mm movie studio quality, but I was impressed. I'll keep this one and enjoy it's good features.

  4. Anonymous

    I bought one for my son's prom. Used it tonight and it worked great. Easy to use, high quality video and small enough to fit in my pocket. Batter life was a little less rhan I expected so will probably buy a back-up. Can't beat the price for an HD unit. As long as it lasts for awhile, I'll be a satisfied customer.

  5. Palladini

    People who expect their camcorder to take a picture are not fully informed. Any Video NLE editing program can extract a picture from the video on a timeline of that program. It takes a Bit Map, take that to Photo editing program, open it in the program, no need to change it unless you want, then save it out as a JPG file. Easy to do

  6. Anonymous

    I just bought an HMX-F80.I am a bot of a sky watcher at nights stars,moon(lights).i have played with all options but cant seem to focus on moon or stary night,its allways a blurred image.icalled samsung but they dont have a clue..signed frazled

  7. jeffrey rose

    if you have any info about useing my HMX-F80 camcorder at night stars,moon,etc. i never owned or know how to operated a camcorder (a newbie,lol).every time i try to look at a star or moon its allways just so blurry,i cant zoom much becomes more bluury,I just seem on utube where a video of full moon using HMX-F80,and you can see craters on moon and its not blurry.anyone using the HMX-F80 camcorder can help me with this issue it will be greatly apprec.;) my e-mail

  8. Bought this camera. tested recording indoors, very poor video recording. So disappointed. Will return to stored. Will never buy samsung cameras again.

  9. I am sorry for your unpleasant experience with the Samsung HMX-F80 but it is a cheap HD camera and you shouldn't expect too much from it. I would recommend you to check some of the more expensive Samsung camcorders as there are plenty of very good models offered at a very affordable price.

  10. Can anyone tell me if the
    Samsung HMX F-80 works well with Microsofts Movie Maker / windows media player? Appreiciate any help.

  11. Can you connect to a monitor to view live recordings?

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