Citroen DS4 consumer report

Citroen DS4 consumer report - test drive and review Citroen DS4

 It has been quite some time since Citroen launched their luxury new DS-series and for some this was a step forward even though the brand was using some tricks from the 1960's.
Citroen DS4 is based on the mid-sized hatchback C4 with some stylish and functional upgrades to make it stand out form the crowd.
The car is elegant and sporty but looks a bit too big and massive and doesn't have the distinctive sporty looks it should probably have.

Citroen DS4 interior is very stylish 
The interior of the car is very roomy and offers plenty of space for both front and rear seats. The space for luggage is big enough and you will not lack space for your big suitcases.
Interior space is very functional too, most instruments have a nice touch and are easy to reach. The DS4 is equipped with all possible gadget you may possibly need including many electronic assists, satellite navigation and plenty of others.
Citroen DS4 comes with a choice two diesel and three petrol engines in the DS4 (from 112 PS up to 200 PS)

Citroen DS4 test drive and review - video

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