BMW 750Li XDrive test drive

BMW 750Li XDrive test drive - video review of the 2011 all-wheel drive BMW 7-series luxury sedan

BMW 750Li XDrive review

BMW 7-series is one of the most popular luxury sedans in the last 20 years and that is thanks to the great driving characteristics and exceptional quality combined with the latest luxury and tech features.

Recently BMW has decided to add an all-wheel version of their ultimate sedan. You probably know that the Bavarian company uses the 'Xdrive' abbreviation for their four-wheel drive models. The 2011 BMW 750Li XDrive has the same twin-turbo petrol engine used in the standard 750i producing 407 hp and 600 Nm ft. of torque.

BMW claims that the XDrive system used in this model is one of the fastest and most advanced all-wheel drive systems in the world. This would definitely give the 7-series better performance in bad weather conditions and driving on snow would be still a great pleasure in this car but with the grip of all four wheels when needed.

Take a look at the quick test drive and review of the BMW 750Li XDrive and see how this amazing luxury sedan performs with its new four-wheel drive system.

BMW 750Li XDrive test drive - video