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Nissan Juke test drive and review

Nissan Juke review - a quick test drive of the strange looking Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke review. In today's road test we are going to show you one very odd SUV.
Design is definitely the key feature in this strangely looking vehicle. Nissan Juke is a mini-crossover (mini SUV) that attracted a lot of attention just for its looks. At first glance it looks ugly and like nothing offered on the car market before but there is definitely something attractive to it that makes the Juke so popular and something that makes you realize the Juke is not a joke.
Technologically Nissan Juke doesn't offer any cutting edge innovations. The vehicle is offered with the choice of four engines, including a diesel by Renault. These engines are coupled with either 5 and 6-speed manual or a CVT automatic. Fuel economy is also not the best in class but it is good for most modern standards.
The interior of the Juke is very simple and so is the dash. There isn't any significant design lines like those on the exterior. Inside you get the feeling of a Mini Cooper but standing a bit higher.
The price of the Nissan Juke varies around $22,000 which is ok for an SUV of this size, probably just a bit expensive but those looks have to cost something.
So, is the Nissan Juke any good... probably it is, especially for those who like to stand out on the road and feel a bit different. Probably this vehicle will best suit young customers and especially ladies as the Juke doesn't look very 'macho'.

Nissan Juke test drive and review - video