Samsung 300U1A-A01 review

Samsung 300U laptop review - features and specs of the lightweight 11.6-inch laptop Samsung 300U1A-A01

Samsung 300U review
Samsung 300U 11.6-inch laptop

Samsung 300U / Samsung 300U1A-A01 review. Samsung 300U is a laptop that has the form factor and looks of a netbook but definitely performs like a real computer. What you get is ultra portable solution that best suits business users who need to work on the go. That of course doesn't mean that it wouldn't be useful to students and other users who have an extra $500 to spend on mini-laptop.

The 11.6-inch HD LED display of the Samsung 300U is a real beauty. Not only it performs great with nice vivid picture bit it is energy efficient and doesn't drain the battery as most regular HD displays. The native video resolution of this display is 1024x768 pixels. The screen is anti-reflective so viewing your content outdoors and on direct sunlight wouldn't be such a problem as it usually is with conventional displays.

Samsung 300U comes with Intel Pentium 957 Dual Core processor (Intel Core i3-2357M for Samsung 300U1A-A01) rated at 1.20 GHz (2MB cache). It is fast enough for most office application and like any Intel dual-core processor will do great when multitasking. Ir is also an Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processor which means it will provide the best balance of performance and energy efficiency Work temperatures are also good and that too saves quite a bit when talking about battery drain (lees energy is used for cooling the system).

Samsung 300U also comes with 4GB (1333MHZ) of DDR3 RAM and integrated Intel® HD 3000 graphics with up to 1274MB shared video memory - good enough for most business apps on the go as well as browsing the web and watching HD video. For playing games please search elsewhere.
This laptop comes with 320GB hard drive which is more than enough for this small configuration especially when cloud storage is getting more accessible worldwide.

Samsung 300U1A-A01 laptop
Samsung 300U1A-A01 review

As for the connectivity options Samsung 300U is very well equipped. Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth® 3.0+HS, 3x USB 2.0 ports, VGA Port, Gigabit Fast Ethernet and HDMI port are all available in this compact system.
For conference calls and some other other video/audio needs you can use the integrated webcam and mic. 3-in-1 card reader is also available.
AS for the battery, it will hold charge for about 5 hours of moderate use which is quite good considering the weight of the laptop. Samsung 300U weighs only 1.3kg which makes it one of the most compact and lightweight laptops in this class.
Samsung 300U1A-A01 comes pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium Edition.
All these good features have a 'good' price tough. You can find the Samsung 300U1A-A01 model for around £350 which is not a bargain but quite a good price for such a capable compact device.

Samsung 300U1A-A01 unboxing and quick review - video