2012 BMW X6 M video review

2012 BMW X6 M video review

A closer look at the powerful SUV BMW X6 M

2012 BMW X6 M review. Today we are going to take a look at the fastest production SUV on the market today. Probably many of you would say that isn't true claiming that Porsche or some other brand has something better than that but the truth is that the X6 is the real speed and handling king among supersport SUVs.
The 2012 BMW X6 M has aggressive styling and that is of course for a reason, this is not an ordinary SUV after all.
Under the hood a there is a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 with around 555hp. That is quite a lot but remember the X6 M is a pretty heavy vehicle.
The engine utilizes BMW’s M TwinPower and patented exhaust manifold technologies to increase thrust and pulling force, while preserving the most compact dimensions possible. Two low-mass twin-scroll turbochargers are positioned together with the catalytic converters in the V section between the two banks of cylinders. By reversing the flow of gases through the engine from traditional arrangements, the intake and exhaust ducts are shortened and widened. The result is that pressure losses on the exhaust side are minimized.
The goals were to virtually eliminate turbocharger lag while maximizing combustion efficiency and power output. The new M V8 engine with twin-scroll twin turbo technology uses a single exhaust manifold with tuned-length runners, incorporating both cylinder banks and connecting cylinders in carefully selected pairs. This configuration, patented by BMW M and known as Cylinder-bank Comprehensive Manifold (CCM), offers quick response, a linear build-up of engine power, and a broad, consistent torque curve by feeding each of the twin turbochargers with a “charge pulse” at approximately every 90 degrees of crankshaft rotation, rather than the more traditional “irregular schedule” of charging.
Coupled with special suspension specifically optimized for M that features Adaptive Drive and the newly developed M Servotronic power steering, the performance Sport Activity Vehicle promises very competent handling. Other high-tech features include launch control for maximum acceleration and a six speed M Sport automatic transmission optimized for performance. Drivers can manually select gears using either paddles or an electronic gear selector lever. Electronically controlled, variable power distribution to the front and rear axle prevents even the slightest tendency to over- or understeer right from the start, before DSC Dynamic Stability Control is even required to cut in. BMW is referring to the new 4.4-liter motor as its “M TwinPower Turbo” unit. The name reflects the fact that the motor features Twin Scroll Twin Turbo Technology and a common exhaust manifold encompassing both rows of cylinders. Although traction control is standard, the M Dynamic Mode (MDM) greatly optimises the aggressiveness of the system. The MDM setting allows the driver to enter a controlled drift and push the vehicle’s handling to the limit. There is also a DSC-Off Mode which allows some drifting experiments with the huge X6 SUV.

BMW X6 M video review


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