Kocaso MID-M860 tablet review

Price, features and specifications of the Kocaso M860 Android 4.0 tablet

Kocaso M860 tablet

Kocaso M860 tablet
Kocaso MID-M860 tablet review. Today we are going to take a look at another affordable Android 4.0 device. Kocaso M860 is an 8-inch tablet with capacitive multi-touch screen and Google Android 4.0 OS.
One of the good features of the Kocaso MID-M860 tablet is that it looks very nice and it also quite light. It measures 210x154x13mm in size.

MID-M860 has a fast 1.2GHz Cotex A8 processor with Mali-400 3D accelerator. This combination of operation and video processing chips became very popular among affordable Android tablets. It seems these pieces of hardware manage to do well.
The 8-inch capacitive multi-touch screen of the Kocaso MID-M860 tablet has a native resolution of 800x600 which isn't much by modern standards but this is a cheap tablet after all. The good thing is that it has a 4 way G-sensor, so rotation is fine in any direction.
The space for storage in Kocaso MID-M860 is 4GB but it is easily extendable to 32GB with additional microSD memory card.

The MID-M860 tablet has only 512MB of DDR3 RAM which is quite low as most new tablets use at least 1GB. You will definitely feel the lags when multitasking and using heavy duty apps.
Connectivity options of the Kocaso MID-M860 tablet include WiFi connection, external 3G support, HDMI port and a miniUSB port. The HDMI supports Full HD 1080P video transfer.
Multimedia features include a built-in 0.3mp camera and a 3.5mm headphone jack. A built-in microphone is also available in this tablet.

Kocaso MID-M860 tablet has a 4000mAh battery which allows it to hold charge for around 4 hours.
Of being an Android tablet Kocaso MID-M860 can use any of the apps from the Android Market.
The price for the Kocaso MID-M860 tablet is around $140 which isn't a lot. It is a fair price considering the pros and cons the MID-M860 tablet has.

Kocaso MID-M860 - what's in the box:
Kocaso MID-M860 tablet
User manual
AC adapter
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