Internet update - new IPs

Internet update
Thousands of millions new IP addresses will be added for Internet customers

new IPs

Internet update - this week on the Internet will be made very significant change and if all goes well, users will not even feel. The change is scheduled for Wednesday 00.01 am GMT and will enable the number of IP numbers - unique web addresses, to be increased to reach thousands of millions to only 4 billion available now. For those addicted to computer operation is known as "start global Ipv6", where Internet operators will move permanently to this new system, abandoning the previous one, known as "Ipv4". The new standards are introduced, as the number of IP addresses is exhausted.

For the full transition will take several years and older devices and networks "Ipv4" should continue to operate as usual. Most users should not feel anything, says Leo Vegoda the Internet Corporation for domain names (ICANN), which manages the system of Internet addresses. IPv4 protocol does not guarantee longer enough IP addresses so that each device has its own. This means that users must share the same address at the risk of their work on computers or portable devices to slow significantly.Some users may need to take their new modems or routers to their computers, but most ISPs are already prepared for the transition.
Large Internet companies like Google and Facebook and equipment suppliers such as Cisco encourage companies and individuals make the transition, arguing that this will make communication between home and business users more efficient. The current network operating system Ipv4 long will not be outdated. But if a user works with others already on the system Ipv6, it is better to make the transition as soon as possible, experts advise.