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How to remove Facebook timeline

How to remove Facebook timeline

Facebook timeline, is it possible to remove or disable one of the most controversial Facebook features ever?

How to remove/disable Facebook timeline - OK so many of you have their profiles in Facebook updated with the obligatory timeline design which most of you don't approve at all.
Facebook admins promised that all profiles in the social network will be upgraded to Facebook timeline no matter if you like it or not. That is what's happening right now, almost all profiles are converted to this new design.
How to remove Facebook timeline
Facebook timeline can't be removed
So why is the FB timeline so hated by almost everyone?
I can only assume that most Facebook users got used to the old functional design which finally was working all right and don't want any more changes to their private social network. The new multimedia design of the timeline doesn't suit everybody's tastes and many people are complaining. I am going to be honest with you - there is no way of removing the Facebook timeline. Probably Mark Zuckerberg will keep on updating the new design but it is here to stay for quite some time.
There is a small trick that can soften the effect of the new timeline. There is an application that makes the timeline looks like FB wall with just one column but it is still the same multimedia info design. That is the only way that I am aware of and I think this is the only way possible to manipulate your public profile on Facebook.
Good luck everyone and enjoy your social life outside the Net more.

You can check Facebook TOS in case you need some additional info.