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Can tablets replace laptops?

Tablet practicality vs laptop functionality

can tablets replace laptops
Can tablets really replace laptops? We made a short survey to check with everyone's opinion on this question and it seems the laptops are here to stay or at least our readers think so.
As the poll shows more than 40% agree with what is our own opinion on this question - laptops won't be replaced by tablets at this point. More than 35% of the voters consider tablets to be the next leader in portable computing in the very near future. And some 24% are confident tablets can replace laptops or they have already done it.

As you can see one thing is clear, in future people will rely on tablets much more than they do today. Some of you how skeptic were some people when the first smartphones came out but know they have the biggest market share in mobile communications well ahead of any other competitor.
And what about laptops then? They will also take a big part of portable computing technologies. Laptops are getting better and better every day. Now they are much faster, lighter and more reliable than ever before. This trend of improving the quality of the product always speaks for good future results.
What is the future of mobile computing and technologies?  The IT sector is the one with highest revenue around the globe, thus will provide a secure flow of funds into research and development teams in the big IT companies. New technologies are presented literally every day so we can predict a steady improvement of everything we have today as a source of consumer computing devices.
Our guess is that cloud computing will receive the biggest attention and we will see a vast wider spread of technologies using cloud services. This on the other hand will have a strong influence on hardware industry connected with mobile technologies.

 Our advice to consumers is not to rush into buying the latest technology products without feeling the strong need of using them. It is too often that people buy stuff just to follow the latest trends and that is definitely not a smart way of investing money.