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Finlux 32F8030-T 32-inch Smart TV specs and review

Finlux 32F8030-T 32-inch Smart TV full specifications, price and review
Finlux 32F8030-T 32-inch Smart TV specs and review
Finlux 32F8030-T 32-inch Smart TV specs and review
Finlux 32F8030-T review - probably most of you had already began the Christmas shopping and what better choice for a Christmas present than a new TV. The market is literally flooded with offers for new LED, 3D, HD, Full HD, Smart TV etc. TVs and it would be quite hard for most consumers to pick the right one. There are two key factors when buying electronic equipment like this - specs and price.
If you have already decided that you don't want to spend a lot on new TV and made your budget on the low side than you should start looking for the best specs for your money. When talking about new LED TVs I myself usually recommend brands like LG, Samsung and Sony because they've proved reliable and offer good quality for the buck. But there is one big problem with their cheaper models - they are quite short on features. And this is the time when cheap brands like Finlux start to make sense.

If we take the Finlux 32F8030-T Smart TV for example, you will need at least £60-80 more for a similar spec LG or Samsung TV.
There are few main features that make the Finlux 32F8030-T a very good deal. First of all it is a Full HD 1080p panel  with LED back lighting. The brightness is 450 cd /m2 and the refresh rate of 50Hz is also on the low side, but this is quite common in this price segment.
The Finlux 32F8030-T has built-in media player which supports picture, music and video playback. It also supports PVR recording through the USB. The big surprise is that this is a WiFi ready TV with full Smart TV functions. Some of these include Internet and social apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, BBC player and some others.

And to make things complete the Finlux 32F8030-T has Freeview HD digital tuner.
As you can see this TV is almost fully loaded and the price of £230 leaves no chance for the competition.
Of course the picture quality of the Finlux 32F8030-T is also no match to this of a similar Samsung TV but that is what you get if you want to keep a tide budget.

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