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Storage Options Scroll Pocket mini Android tablet specs and review

Storage Options Scroll Pocket 4.3-inch Android tablet features, specifications and review

Storage Options Scroll Pocket mini Android tablet specs and review
Storage Options Scroll Pocket mini Android tablet specs and review

Scroll Pocket tablet review - I am not sure what the purpose of a mini tablet like this one would be but it seems that everything that has the 'Android' tag is instantly becoming popular.

Storage Options offers the 4.3-inch mini tablet with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and hardware which is far from impressive. The strange thing here is that the manufacturer doesn't even mention the main characteristics of the hardware of this tablet (not even on their website) like processor speed, RAM volume and some other important parameters.

One of the key features of the Scroll Pocket tablet is the 4.3-inch capacitive touch-screen display. Of course there are smartphones which have bigger display than this tablet but that is what you get for under £50.

Probably in this price segment we have to mention that it is a color display which is a big advantage over regular calculators. You may take this as a joke but that is probably the best usage for such devices - color display calculators. Sure the Scroll Pocket tablet has a fast WiFi N connection and the ability to read 32GB microSD cards but in order to use these properly you need a bigger display. The built in storage space is 4GB.

Once upon a time a 7-inch tablet was considered small and now most tablets are above that size, 4.3 is just not good enough.

That is the main reason I think the Storage Options Scroll Pocket tablet will be the perfect Christmas gift for your kids as the tablet itself would do great with some simple games and social media apps, the presence of one of the good Android OS is a big advantage.
So, this was our short review of the Storage Options Scroll Pocket mini Android tablet, I hope you are not disappointed with the review or the device. In case you are, you can check the rest of our tablet reviews.


  1. How do you review a product given the fact you haven't even been 'hands on' with it? Poor.

  2. So it wouldn't have a use for carrying about when you didn't want a larger tablet, or as something cheap that you don't have to worry about losing or getting nicked when you're travelling away from home for a few days.
    You review is a bit like criticising tablets for not being as good as PC's and it seems you don't have the imagination to see uses outside your way of life

  3. It would be nice if comments are focused more on the Scroll Pocket mini tablet rather than what we like and don't like in life. Thanks

  4. You seem to have missed the point of a review. You have failed to offer any appraisal of the way the device is built, how it performs its functions or what it feels like to use. You have even failed to offer more than the most limited details of its specifications. At best, your title is highly misleading.
    I suggest that other readers look elsewhere for real reviews, even ones from people who have actually USED the product.

  5. Having owned one I will never buy Storage Options products again. The backlight started to flicker after a few months and neither the seller (George and Freddie or Amazon) were interested in obeying UK Law. Storage Options were equally unhelpful, apart from confirming that their product has a hardware fault within a few months of purchase.

  6. We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with your Storage Options product. Actually what was the product that you bought. If you provide us with the product details and dealer info we will try to let them know about this negative feedback and also warn future customers as well.


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