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Canon PowerShot S110 camera unboxing, hands-on and video review

Price, features and specifications of the Canon PowerShot S110 digital camera

Canon PowerShot S110
Canon PowerShot S110 compact digital camera review
Canon PowerShot S110 review - Canon PowerShot S110 is a high-end compact digital camera with 12.1-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom and Full HD video recording capabilities.

The PowerShot S110 is equipped with some of the latest Canon technologies with improved stabilization, better high-speed autofocus and some useful manual controls.

I will not go too deep in details about all the shooting modes that the S110 has but I have to mention the Multi-Aspect Ratio RAW and ISO 12800 which give this camera a bit more professional performance than the average compact camera.
In most occasions you will use the Canon PowerShot S110 with its Smart Auto mode which combined with the high-speed AF will do the job just fine. Of course you can override some settings thanks to the easy use of the manual control ring.

On the back of the Canon PowerShot S110 you can find the gorgeous 3.0-inch LCD touchscreen display which is the only viewfinder in this camera (no optical viewfinder).
Another very nice feature of the Canon PowerShot S110 camera is the built-in WiFi which allows easy and fast wireless connection to other WiFi enabled devices. This can be very practical for many users.
Here is an unboxing video and hands-on review of the capable Canon PowerShot S110.

Canon PowerShot S110 camera unboxing video

Price - the Canon PowerShot S110 camera can be found for around $420 (around £270 in UK).

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