ADATA Classic CH94 640GB external hard drive price, specs and review

ADATA Classic CH94 640GB external/portable hard drive features, specifications and review

ADATA Classic CH94 640GB external hard drive
ADATA Classic CH94 640GB

ADATA Classic CH94 640GB
- here is one quality cheap solution for those who need more storage space for their PC or laptop.

The ADATA Classic CH94 640GB HDD is definitely good value for money, this is one of the cheapest external hard drives in its class.

The store volume of 640GB is more than enough for keeping some more media and in the era of cloud storage this much storage space is really not critical but a good way for extra backup for your large files.
ADATA Classic CH94 has buffer size (cache) of 8MB, the spindle speed is 5400rpm.

The SATA 1 interface and the USB 2.0 port allow easy and quick transfer of files. This hard drive is compatible with most operating systems including most versions of Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.

Hard Drive not showing fix - video

Price -  ADATA Classic CH94 640GB is offered for around £40 in UK ($75)

Verdict - good option for extra storage for less money.

In case you need even more storage and want to be able to transfer files wirelessly, then you should definitely check the 1TB Seagate Wireless Plus external Hard Drive.
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