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How to recover from Google Penguin slap

The best ways to recover positions from Google's Penguin slap - SEO advice

recover from Google Penguin slap

Probably many of you who are reading this article has suffered from recent Google changes and its Penguin updates. If I have to be honest Google really messed it up this time. In order to make things better they made plenty of mistakes that really hurt bloggers and small businesses.
Now many webmasters complain from the way Google indexes their sites or if it indexes them at all, from the way Google is now showing images in the image search and from many other things. People really have the right to be angry at the biggest search engine in the world. The transition which Google made could have been done much more fluent and with tighter cooperation with webmasters. Unfortunately that didn't happen and now most of the confused webmasters are asking themselves why and how thing got wrong for their website.
The thing is that you shouldn't really spend too much time in finding answers to those questions in order to get things better. My personal advice is get your sh*t together and show you deserve to be on top of search engine results.

One thing that remained unchanged from Google Panda to the Penguin is the content. It is the most valuable thing in a single web page and in a site as whole. One thing that did change is the way you shouldn't do SEO. Actually wrong SEO techniques may hurt your site positions very badly. That is why the easiest way not to get things wrong is to forget about making SEO yourself and focus on building quality website with high quality content. In case you have already done this part then you probably need some visitors in order to increase the overall traffic. The best way to receive more visitors is by advertising - use some of the popular advertising programs like AdWords or Facebook ads. They offer valuable targeted traffic that is very important for your site. That is because only quality targeted traffic can bring you more visitors, more social presence and improve the traffic rank in the long run.

And though it may sound trivial to you here is another very good  advice for better ranking - post regularly original content and try to make text easy to read and understand with clean font, write as much text as you possibly can, add media (original), add related links to external sites, use heading tags, focus content on keyword but don't spam it... I promise if you make all these right you wouldn't need much time before you see better results for your site.

I know it is quite hard for webmasters these days and especially for bloggers like myself but, who said being successful in the Internet should be easy. Be good, wish to you all of you webmasters success and don't give up on your sites and blogs, now they need you more than ever.