Lenovo G780 M84BVUK laptop test and review

Lenovo G780 M84BVUK price, specs and unboxing video

Lenovo G780 M84BVUK
Lenovo G780 M84BVUK

Lenovo G780 M84BVUK review - when I first saw a deal for this laptop it was announced as gaming laptop but this particular model has the integrated graphics and I am not quite sure hardcore gaming is possible with this one.
Other than that the Lenovo G780 M84BVUK is the perfect replacement laptop. With the huge (for a laptop) 17.3-inch screen and high-end hardware this laptop performs above the average. 

The LED backlit display has HD resolution and has good viewing angles and together with the Intel HD graphics this laptop is just perfect for watching HD videos. The screen itself hosts webcam and mic for Skype and conference calls. 
The G780 M84BVUK is powered by a 2.20 GHz Intel Core i3 processor which keeps the perfect balance between price and performance.
Lenovo G780 M84BVUK has 6GB of DDR3 RAM and a massive 1TB hard drive so you will not have to worry about memory capacity at all.

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Lenovo G780 M84BVUK is packed with connection options - WiFi N, 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet, HDMI port, 2x USB 3.0 ports, USB 2.0 port and VGA port are all available in this laptop. There is also 2-in-1 card reader which only reads SD and MMC cards. 

The optical device in this laptop is DVDRW Super Multi Dual Layer Drive.

The 6-cell battery is not the strongest feature of the G780 M84BVUK laptop. It holds charge for around 3-4 hours of work but this work time is quite normal considering the big 17.3-inch screen.
 Lenovo G780 M84BVUK has slightly bigger dimensions because of the display but the weight is kept quite low - this laptop weighs just 3 kg.

Lenovo G780 M84BVUK comes preinstalled with the latest Windows 8 operating system.
And now lets talk about the price which I have to say is OK for a big replacement  laptop with such good specs. Lenovo G780 M84BVUK costs around £450 and you can find it at eBay UK and some other computer stores.

 Lenovo G780 unboxing video (this one has the i5 processor and the GT 630m video)

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