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Best 42-inch Full HD LED TVs - LG, Samsung and Sony

Short list with the best performing 42-inch Full HD LED TVs

Best 42-inch Full HD LED TVs

There are plenty of new LED TVs that were released in the last few months so I decided to make a short list with the best performing 42-inch Full HD LED TVs.

They are manufactured by three of the biggest consumer electronics brands in the world - Samsung, LG and Sony. Note that these are suggestions from all price categories and some of the examples may have 3D or Smart TV features and some don't.

LG 42LN575S / 42LN575V
This 42-inch Full HD Smart LED TV probably has the best value for money ratio among today's candidates offered at just £500 (600 Euro). For more info about this TV you can check the full LG 42LN575S / 42LN575V review.

Samsung UE42F5700
This is probably the strongest competitor for the LG 42LN575S / 42LN575V. The UE42F5700 is a 'budget' 42-inch Smart LED TV from Samsung and you can find its current price, complete info, features and specs at the Samsung UE42F5700 review.

Sony Bravia KDL-42W805
This 42-inch 3D LED panel is not what you can call cheap but it is definitely worth the money. It costs around 1000 Euro and is fully packed with Smart TV features and connection options. You can learn more about it at our Sony Bravia KDL-42W805 review.

LG 42LA691S
And here is the heavy artillery from LG - 42-inch IPS Edge LED panel with local dimming. Of course 3D and Smart TV are also available for the price of 800 Euros. More info is available at LG 42LA691S review.

Samsung UE42F5000
Samsung UE42F5000 is the least equipped 42-inch Full HD LED TV in this list. It doesn't offer any Smart TV or 3D but what it offers is perfect picture quality. And for the price of just £400 (around $600) it is definitely a good deal. More info about the UE42F5000 -  Samsung UE42F5000 review.

LG 42LA660S
If I had to buy a 42-inch LED TV for myself today I would probably go with this one - fully equipped 3D Smart TV with premium sound for just $750, can't beat that offer. Check the full LG 42LA660S review and see it yourself.

LG 42LA640S
This TV is pretty much the same like the LG 42LA660S but LG decided to cut some premium features (like the subwoofer speakers) to make it just a little cheaper. Of course we also have full LG 42LA640S review.

Sony Bravia KDL-42W650A
Sony Bravia KDL-42W650 -  great 42-inch Full HD LED TV for the money, amazing 1080p picture quality, useful Smart TV features and probably the best looks and build quality in the segment.

Check the Sony Bravia KDL-42W650 review to find out more about this TV.

And that was the last competitor in our best 42-inch Full HD LED TV list, hopefully we helped you with choosing your next TV. Let us know what you think of these TVs or share your opinion in case you already bought any of them.

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