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Finlux 32H7072-DT 32-inch 3D HD LED TV

Price, specifications and quick review of the 32-inch 3D HD LED TV Finlux 32H7072-DT

Finlux 32H7072-DT review
Finlux 32H7072-DT
I was kind of surprised when some time ago Finlux (managed under the Vestel brand and manufacturing) refused to send us a sample TV for review. It looked like they have some issues with shipping outside mainland UK and that's why we never got our hands on any of their new models. That is one of the main reasons we gave up on discussing and reviewing Finlux products (mostly TVs).

Today we are going to make a small exception and take a closer look at one of their budget 3D TVs.

Finlux 32H7072-DT is a cheap 32-inch HD 720p TV with integrated Freeview HD tuner. One of the biggest surprises for me with this TV is the fact that it doesn't support Full HD 1080p picture which these days is a must for new 3D LED TVs. But of course for the price tag to stay on the reasonable side there have to be some sacrifices.

Other than that the 32H7072-DT offers pretty much all the basic staff for a TV in this class. As a big plus for this one we can point out the large amount of glasses you get with this TV - 8 pairs of 3D glasses come with the 32H7072-DT which uses passive 3D technology.

As for the connection options the Finlux 32H7072-DT is equipped with two HDMI ports and few other useful ports.

The price is probably the most appealing part of this 32-inch 3D HD LED TV. You can find the Finlux 32H7072-DT  for around £240 which looks like a very good deal considering the fact that TVs with similar specs costs £50-100 more.

Finlux 32H7072-DT video review