Whip up Fine Collages with CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac

CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac - photo collage app

CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac is a photo collage app that helps you turn your ordinary digital pictures and text into personalized works of art. It is designed for the amateur and avid collage-making people alike. Simply create a professional-looking photo collage with a few clicks of your mouse and share them with your friends or hanging them on the wall.

There are more than 45+ all-new templates built in the CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac and all the templates are integrated with all the app new features. People can know what exactly the app can do from the templates. All these renovated templates are specifically arranged in four collage styles – Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile.

Once you start your work. Choose one of the dozen templates included in the program. Then, add your favorite photos in the collage or use Random Layout to organize them automatically. Once the basic structure of your collage is finished, you can make it more individual by applying some photo effects or adding some text captions. All the effect results are displayed on the program’s interface in real time.

This program is much very simple and easy to use, but it does not mean it will confine your creations. The advanced users will never find its limit with the Free Mode functionality. They are free to move, resize and rotate each photo. Simply drag and place the elements however they want. People are also able to adjust the layers to meet their needs. It’s very flexible in personalizing a collage manually.

Using advanced features such as photo effect and text effect, you will achieve dazzling results. CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac provides people with 20+ photo effects to change photo hues as a whole. The flexible settings of the text features allow you to type in bold or italic, use various colors, rotate text and change the background, text effect or size of your words.

CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac is also very responsive for sharing your collages, completely re-expressing your ideas, regardless of your experience with photo editing. You can freely share your collage on Facebook; save collage as picture/PDF; set as desktop image; or send collage via E-Mail.

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