Which mobile device do you prefer on the go - smartphone, tablet or ultrabook

Which is the most preferable mobile device - smartphone, tablet or ultrabook 

best device on the go
Best mobile device on the go - poll results
Our survey for the best or shall I say most preferable mobile computing device on the go finished couple of days ago. Our readers are pretty confident for what they like to use to work and communicate when they are not on the desk. 
Not surprisingly the winner in our poll is the smartphone. Nowadays smartphones get the best of both worlds - mobility and performance. The runner up in this poll as you can guess is the tablet whose popularity is growing every month and is getting closer and closer to smartphones market share.
The third place is taken by the ultrabook which is also a very good way for having mobile computing the right way but the bigger size and price make for the last position in this survey. 
Anyways all these competitors are with increasing popularity and it seems that these are going to be our primary tools for communication in the near future. 
Of course new technologies and tech development will help manufacturers to produce more compact and better performing mobile computing devices and it is only a matter of time to see what these would be. 
Until then you are more than welcome to check our product tests and reviews