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Latest Google search updates

What happens to your site when it gets hit by the latest idiotic Google search updates??

Latest Google search updates

2019 Update
Well it is 2019 now and most of the important stuff I've shared with you couple of years ago doesn't count. There were many Google updates in recent years and SEO slowly turned into SEM

To be honest I don't like what is happening with the latest trends in the net, but that is the way to go in future. To learn more about the latest search engine optimization and digital marketing trends I would strongly recommend to check Neil Patel's advice on new digital marketing and SEO trends in 2019.

Back to 2013 updates
As much as I don't want to talk about this today I am going to pay some extra attention to the biggest search engine in the world. As you all probably know that is Google and this brand is no longer connected just to its search product but with numerous services that took over the Internet - just to mention that some of these include YouTube, Google+, Google Maps, AdWords, AdSense Google Apps, Google Drive and many others.

So you are probably wondering why am I serving you all this information that you are quite aware of. Well, it seems like while Google keeps on expanding its global markets and offers newer and newer services the company actually seems to forget how and why it became so popular. Internet search engines are used my millions of people every day, and the need for searching the right thing online drive a big part of our lives these days. What Google seems to forget is that the search engine is one of the most personal things in human's live these days. And believe me people do not like when someone messes with their personal stuff but that is what exactly Google is doing these days.

The most popular search engine in the world is serving the most popular brands in the world instead of serving the average individual who made this service so popular. Now Google search seems to be more and more about marketing and less personal. That could be seen from each of the latest updates that Google makes to their search service.

So, what is Google doing and why search experience isn't getting any better?

What Google is actually doing is mostly targeting instead of serving, with every single search that you perform online you are actually part of a big marketing campaign. Basically when you are using the search engine now you don't actually search like you once used to do. When you type something in the search bar you are just requesting the results of the biggest brands and the most active advertisers online. You are just requesting information which is predefined to for your needs and what the search thinks you need.

Why is your site kicked out of the search results?

The answer to this question is really simple - because you are small, insignificant and these don't lead to success in our modern world. And what Google likes is success and successful stories, they make everything more appealing.

Please excuse me if you expected some technical data in this article, I am not going to discuss it now, probably at some point later. I just wanted to reach these thousands of unsuccessful stories with a simple message - don't give up on your brand and your product. Everything you do in this life is valuable, even if it doesn't show up on top of search results. If you are consistent at what you do and you like doing it I can guarantee you that you will trick this strange machine that tells people what they want after typing just few words.

Probably some of you reading this post didn't get my idea with this. My point is that... actually I don't want to make any point, I am just typing some words that are going to trick this insensitive search machine but definitely won't trick you. Because you don't need the latest Google search updates, they need you, because just for reading this you are significant and you are valuable... and  you know it.

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What do you think about the latest Google search updates in 2019? I will be happy to hear your opinion.