Logitech M175 wireless mouse specs and test

Logitech M175 wireless mouse full specifications, images and video review

Logitech M175 review
Logitech M175

Logitech M175 review this is one of the most popular budget wireless mouse currently offered.

It has been on the market for quite some time and that's why we decided to test it and make a full review of this exceptional small product.

Looks and feel
Logitech M175 is entirely made of dark plastics (black and grey) but it feels quite solid. And even though the plastics looks a bit cheap the mouse itself gives the impression of quality made product.

The  M175 is a pretty small mouse compared to a regular desktop mouse (see the image below) but it is very comfortable to use with desktop and laptop computers.

Anyways, we didn't find any complaints with the build quality after couple of weeks of use so I guess the Logitech M175 does just fine in this category.

Logitech M175 vs Canyon CNR-MSL4
Logitech M175 vs Canyon CNR-MSL4


Logitech M175 is quite easy to set up as it comes with plug and play interface and it takes literally less than a minute to get it going. All you need to do is locate the wireless nano receiver stored in the back of the mouse and put it in any of the USB sockets on your computer. The M175 also comes with a battery which is supposed to last for about a year.

Logitech M175  is a 1000 DPI mouse and works with the receiver at 2.4 GHz. I have to admit that the mouse is very accurate and responsive (for a mouse in this class and price range of course).

All three buttons are very comfortable to use and I didn't notice any miss-clicks or other inadequate behavior so far. The wireless range of the receiver is also pretty good - up to 10 meters.

Logitech M175 is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and you shouldn't find any troubles using on any of these platforms.

Logitech M175
Logitech M175 wireless mouse

Logitech M175 adapter
Logitech M175 wireless USB receiver

Logitech M175 back
Battery and receiver are stored in the back of the M175


Logitech M175 quite an affordable mouse. I bought mine on sale for 10 Euros but it is usually sold around 15-20 Euros (£15 in UK and around $20 in USA).

So, basically it is a very good price for a very good mouse which I strongly recommend.

Logitech M175 wireless mouse video review

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