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Finding a good case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - mission impossible

Quick update on my struggle to find a good TPU case for my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

After couple of days of intensive research it seems that finding a good case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo seems like a mission impossible. After all I managed to find couple but still not such that would suit my taste and that is why I'll probably not buy any of them.

Incipio Feather Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

This is an elegant and lightweight TPU back cover for Note 3 Neo but unfortunately it doesn't offer any good value to the phone - neither looks nor protection are on high level with this one and that is why I think the price of around $25 is really not worth it. Anyways I am sure plenty Note 3 Neo will like it so I would recommend them to check the official page of the Incipio Feather Case for more detailed information.

Rock Side Flip Case Elegant Upgrade

This one is a good option for those who like flip cases and I am definitely not one of those people but still I think some of you may like it.

Incipio Dual Pro for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

That is another interesting and quite expensive case from Incipio. It provides very good protection for your  Note 3 Neo but you will have to pay around $30 for this one. I personally think it is too big and it definitely takes a lot of the elgance that the Galxy Note 3 Neo is famous with.

S-Line cover case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

This is the cheapest of all options for cases for the Note 3 Neo and is offered in multiple colors. Actually I managed to test one of these on my phone and it fits very nicely, I just didn't like the cheap plastic looks and feel of the case itself.

Rock Elegant Flip Case for Galaxy Note 3 Neo

That is another Rock flip case that is quite compact and looks pretty nice.

Cellular Line - transparent plastic case

This is an affordable transparent case that is for those customers who like how their Note 3 Neo looks and they have the option to keep it that way with the Cellular Line case.

These are  basically the cases that I managed to find. I was hoping that I will come upon a quality Spigen case but unfortunately none of their cases would fit my Galaxy Note 3 Neo so the search continues.