Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo smartphone - quick overview

Quick overview of the amazing smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo is one big phone... a good one

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo is the our latest tools that will help us in the work process and a very capable successor of the Galaxy Nexus that I used until this week.

To begin with I am still not sure how to categorize this device as many tech experts put it in the phablet segment but after just couple of use I can say that the Note 3 Neo has nothing to do with tablets and it is basically an awesome smartphone with one very big screen.

And though the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo is just a little smaller than the regular Note 3 it is much more comfortable when using it on different occasions throughout the day.

Samsung Note 3 Neo
Note 3 Neo is a business oriented phone so it looks simple and elegant

After almost a week using the Note 3 Neo I have to say that I am really impressed with it and especially with couple of very important for a smartphone areas:

- Battery life - the Note 3 Neo has really great battery which can last for about two days of intense use and for a 5.5-inch phone of this size and weight that is really great achievement.

- Display - the 5.5-inch Super Amoled HD display is really amazing. Even though it is not a Full HD resolution (just 720p) it really delivers great quality images and is super responsive.

- Usability - at first I was really worried about the size of the Note 3 Neo and if I am going to get used to it at all. It appeared that the phone is quite easy to use and pocket friendly as well.

- Performance - another thing that I had in mind and that was kind of pushing me towards buying the Nexus 5 was the TouchWiz interface that I have been really avoiding so far. It seems that it is not that awful, especially when hardware performance is provided by six processing cores and 2 gigs of RAM.
Galaxy Note 3 Neo rear
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo back side hosts an 8 MP camera with flash

All and all the Galaxy Note 3 Neo seems to be a great smartphone and I am really enjoying the time spend with it in the last couple of days. Of course I will prepare an in-depth review for this phone including full specifications, unboxing video, pictures and test results.

Cases and pouches for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

I am also trying to find a good case or pouch for the Galaxy Note 3 Neo so your help will be much appreciated.
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