LG 32LB5610 - the best cheap 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Quick review of the affordable 32 inch Full HD LED TV LG 32LB5610

LG 32LB5610 LED TV
LG 32LB5610 - the best cheap 32 inch  Full HD LED TV

Christmas in coming and I know a lot of you will rush into searching for the best presents. Many families will probably buy a new LED TV as a family Christmas present and that is why we will pay some more attention on the best online TV deals that you can find these days. 

Today we stopped our attention at one of the most affordable 32-inch Full HD LED TVs on the market - the LG 32LB5610 which main features and specifications we will discuss in while.
The LG 32LB5610 is one of the best sellers in its segment as it offers very good picture quality with resolution of 1920 x 1080 but that is not all that is impressive here. It is the fact that one can buy the 32LB5610 for under 250 Euros which makes it a really good deal.

The TV itself doesn't leave the feeling of a cheap product, it looks very nice, it is thin, compact and has very small frame which leaves the impression for a much higher end product. LG 32LB5610 is mostly sold in Eastern Europe and Asia (especially India - on the official LG  India page they claim it is 'Designed for India') but you can also find it in some other parts of the world. 

In this TV LG has also implemented their Triple XD Engine, Dynamic Color Enhancer and Picture Wizard III which should ensure you get very good picture quality at any time.

Unfortunately we still haven't got the chance to test the TV so here is a quick unboxing video of the LG 32LB5610:

That is all that we have right now for the LG 32LB5610

You can find more information about its full features and specifications and the official LG website.