Samsung UE32H5030 - quality cheap 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Specifications and full review of the affordable 32 inch Full HD LED TV Samsung UE32H5030

Samsung UE-32H5030 review
Samsung UE-32H5030 - 32 inch Full HD LED TV

In today's review I will share my impressions with the cheap 32 inch Full HD 1080p LED TV that I've been using for the last couple of days - Samsung UE32H5030.  And this is not my new TV as I am still with the lovely Sony KDL-32EX650 which has been doing great job for me in the last couple of years.

Samsung UE-32H5030 - design and looks

I can definitely say that the UE-32H5030 scores very high results in the design category. The TV is very compact with simple and yet elegant design, very clean looks and really nothing to complain from. Samsung UE-32H5030 has very thin frame which is not shiny so it doesn't reflect any light and distract you from the main picture.

One thing that I didn't like in the build quality is the stand which was not very stable but then I remembered what is the price of the TV itself.

Samsung UE-32H5030 LED
Samsung UE32H5030 LED panel doesn't have any obvious backlight bleeding problems

Picture quality

For a TV that costs under 300 Euros (250 GBP in UK) we should't expect some exceptional picture quality from the UE-32H5030 but it provides very good picture quality in both low resolution and Full HD. I can't say I was surprised with its performance once I turned the TV on as I am always expecting only the best from Samsung TV. Picture processing is good and so are the colors which are usually a bit exaggerated when talking about Samsung LED panel.

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Samsung UE-32H5030 doesn't have any special features and specs like 3D or Smart TV and that is how its price tag remains so low. What you can find useful in this LED TV are couple of HDMI ports, a very well thought joystick for using the TV without remote control and the standard Samsung remote control which is easy to hold and operate with.

Samsung UE-32H5030 TV portsSamsung UE-32H5030 TV remote control


The good Full HD 1080p picture quality and the low price tag are the two main selling points for this TV. As I already mentioned you can easily find this TV for under 300 Euros and I've also seen it in Eastern Europe where the price tag was 250 Euros which is really an amazing deal. But don't think the competition is asleep - LG and Sony now also have great small LED TVs on sale for under $350.

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My overall impressions with the Samsung UE-32H5030 are very good and I don't think someone can go wrong with choosing this TV. It is really a great buy for the money and probably one of the best cheap 32-inch LED TVs on the market today.

Samsung UE-32H5030 packaging
Samsung UE-32H5030 is packaged in simple and compact box

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