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NEO LED-3229 is a cheap 32 inch TV made in China

NEO LED-3229 is a pretty good choice for a cheap 32 inch HD LED TV - here is why


We have reviewed many cheap TVs in the last couple of months and today we are taking a closer look at another one. The NEO LED-3229 is a cheap 32 inch HD LED TV sold mostly in Eastern Europe. 

NEO is a preferred manufacturer of cheap electronics targeting mostly business customers like hotels, guest houses and others who need cheap brand new equipment for their properties.

The most impressive feature of the NEO LED-3229 is its price. The tested model we will talk about today has a price tag of just 130 Euros. This of course is very cheap, especially for a TV made in China. Yest, the LED-3229 is assembled/manufactured in China, unlike many other cheap TVs offered in Bulgaria and Romania which are mostly made somewhere on the Balkans or in Turkey.

The TV itself is packaged in a decent box and doesn't leave the impression of cheap low quality product.

On the other hand HD content with proper resolution comes out really nice on the NEO LED-3229. Color reproduction is OK, colors are vivid and brightness levels are more than adequate for a TV in this price range. Viewing angles are also OK, not the best in class of course.

Picture quality
The NEO LED-3229 picture quality depends mostly on the source of signal/stream that you will be using. I have tested it with multiple cable TV operators and honestly wasn't impressed with the picture quality but that was mostly because of the bad reception of those local TV operators that I had to use. 

The sound... is horrible. The NEO LED-3229 is equipped with two small speakers which produce some of the worst sound that I have listened from a television recently. They are truly bad, no matter what settings I tried it always turned out very bad. 

I guess NEO just thought that most users will plug in external source of sound which by the way is pretty easy thanks to the 3.5 mm headphone jack that is available on the back of the TV. If you don't want to spend too much I would just recommend you to plug in a cheap (15-30 Euro) 2.1 sound system and forget about the horrible speakers of the NEO LED-3229. Honestly, some smartphones that I have tested have better and louder speakers compared to these in the LED-3239.

Ports and connectors
One thing that really surprised me here is the fact that this TV has an overall of 3 HDMI ports which is really rare to see in a cheap 32 inch TV (we have only 2 in the much more expensive Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650). Other than that here we have 1x USB port with media player support, 1x VGA, 1x Scartx, 1x CI, 1x Coxial, 3.5 mm headphone jack and couple of others seen in the specs list below:

Remote control
The remote control copies the designs I have seen in some premium brands. It is ergonomic and easy to use most of the time, the buttons are big and ergonomic. The menu set up takes some time to get used to but I can say the same thing about most TVs I use for the very first time.

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Our opinion
As an active consumer I use a lot of electronics from various brands and I usually don't judge by the looks or the name. I am well aware that the NEO LED-3229 is very far from the best 32 inch televisions offered on the market. 

But just think about the price and what you are getting for less then $150 - a brand new TV set with good picture quality and easy to use menu.

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