HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP - not a beginners racket

Specs and quick review of my new tennis racket - HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP

HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP tennis racket
HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP

HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP is my latest tennis racket. I bought it last week and today I had my first practice with it. What I can share with you as a first impression is that this is definitely not a beginners racket. Even though it weighs just 295 grams the head heavy balance makes it feel a bit heavier and hard to maneuver.
Recently, I decided to give up on a racket that I used for less than a year - the Wilson Pro Staff Six-One 100 Lite BLX which was comfortable to play with but way too light for my game.

When developing the Head used some very interesting materials and technologies: d30 / Innegra (IG) / Graphite.

As I already said I had just one warm up with the Youtek IG Radical but when I play-test it I will make sure to share the feedback wit you.


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