What is the new feature Google Location Aware

Short explanation of the new Google service -  Google Location Aware

Location Aware

Various Google services easier every day millions of users in finding information, the fastest routes to a given location, the best prices of goods, timing and sharing files with our friends and many others.
There is hardly any doubt that the best product of the company is its search engine, which for years still has no competition on the Internet. Google now integrated another useful feature in it, which will further improve its functionality, informs VentureBeat.

Its name is Location Aware, it uses real-time GPS location data to your answer questions about objects that are around you, without even having to say aloud their names. This effect is due to the fact that the company knows at any moment where we are and respectively for the buildings and landmarks that we see around us. For example, if you are in a park and a river in front of you, you can ask Google's smartphone how its depth as and will receive an automatic response to your request.

Exactly the same you can do with information about buildings, time of restaurants and other interesting questions about the things that surround you. Google has not yet formally submitted this feature, but some users are now able to work with it on their devices. It does not have nothing but arm ourselves with a little more patience to be able to test their own ability to function Location Aware.
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