HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP - one month review

HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP tennis racket review after one month of use

HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP tennis racket

I bought the HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP tennis racket couple of weeks ago and after I played with couple of times I can say that this is one really good racket.

Despite the fact that this particular model from the Radical series is more 2 years old it feels like any other modern racket and it is worth the 100 Euros (I bought it with quite good discount).
My biggest concern when I got the HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP was the small head size of just 98 sq.in which is the smallest I have ever played with. My previous racket (Wilson Pro Staff Six-One 100 Lite BLX) was 100 sq.in and that felt like the right size for my game.

Now, when I had couple of games with the Youtek IG Radical MP I can confirm that there isn’t any significant difference compared to bigger rackets. That is mainly due to the form of the head which I particularly like and which saved me from many off-center shots.

I bought my new racket with grip L4 (previously used L3 with the Wilson) and that also seems to be the correct choice for me. Now my forehands are more precise and powerful even though I feel the racket less maneuverable with the bigger grip size.

The Youtek IG Radical MP with Babolat French Open Roland Garros 2015 bag

Overall, it seems fine playing with the HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP. It is smaller and heavier than the rackets I usually play with but I can say that I quite like it so far.

Please stay tuned for more tennis racket reviews as I like to change my stick quite often.