Best cases and covers for LG Leon smartphone - TPU, leather and pouch

Best cases and covers for LG Leon smartphone - TPU, leather and hard plastic

LG Leon smartphone LG Leon is one of our top choices for a budget smartphones. As mentioned in our previous reviews of the Leon this smartphone offers the best quality for the buck in the segment.

Today we will take a look at some of the best choices for cases and covers for LG Leon.

KuGi LG Leon hard case cover

This is a very solid and well fitting hard plastic back cover for LG Leon. It is offered in few different color choices and costs around $10. You can check for more specs and information about the KuGi LG Leon hard case cover at Amazon deals.

Tribute 2 Case  LG Leon smartphone case

This soft material (similar to TPU) case gives full protection for your Leon smartphone. It is also quite cheap at a price of just under $8. According to customer reviews the LG Leon Tribute 2 Case cover is quite durable and most consumers liked it.

 LG Leon leather pouch case

We also found interesting deal about LG Leon leather pouch case at eBay. And despite the fact this case is quite cheap it is specifically made for the Leon and fits quite well. We can't comment on durability as we haven't tested it yet.

You can find more info about LG Leon price here. You can also check the Leon unboxing video and full review.