What's the future of the TV set as we know it?

Quick discussion on what to expect from TVs in the years to come

We can certainly say that in the last decade TV(hardware) industry has gone through vast development and we had the luck to enjoy so many different products and technologies that we now wonder what is next and what are we to expect in the near future. 

TVs so far

If we take a look back the development of plasma and LCD screens was probably the huge breakthrough that turned the TV market into one of the fastest growing and developing. Of course we can say that for most tech goods and gadgets that we use on daily basis but still it is quite impressive how flat (and later curved) screen TVs took such an important role in our life.
Then, few years later we had the LED backlit TV which is still the most popular technology used in TV production.
Let's not forget the excitement when the first 3D monitors were released for public sale and everybody was into buying one as soon as possible. 
And finally we had the curved and Ultra HD panels that still hold value pretty well and will be recommended as 'pick of the day' in tech stores. 

The future

Well, probably everyone interested in the topic would say that holographic TV is the certain future of modern TV set technology. I am not convinced in that theory though, 
Recently I came upon a very interesting video of a guy projecting video content through magnifying glass (probably many of you have already seen that trick) which gave me some topics to thing about. 
Probably in the future of developing new TV technologies we should expect some more compact devices that would give us the possibility to enjoy video content equivalent to big screen TV with amazing quality literally anywhere. I am pretty much sure that it is going to take some time before such technology is available for consumers.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on what you think the future of TVs