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LG 34UM68 - big screen professional monitor review

Review of the 39 inch professional monitor LG 34UM68 

LG 34UM68 monitor
LG 34UM68 monitor

More than model name makes it clear that in this paper will test the 34" monitor. Big enough that it covers a visible part of the interior of the home or office. For this reason, you would probably inquired about the design not only particular 34UM68, but also any other such large monitor or TV before you buy it. In fact, this monitor, you can watch TV, but this topic will hug a little later.

 The design of the monitor is very elegant, it combines appropriate - Matt vamp with glossy black back. And other times we have said that this surface accumulating over time dust does not show. The stand is also impressive, with an accent borrowed from Curved monitors and TVs, the LG already we have shown more than once. The material it is also a combination of two types of plastic, such as lower because of processing resembles metal.


Depending on where you stand, the body has two options for installation - directly on the wall or mentioned earlier stand. At first you need a plate with 4-point grip. Do not worry, this area is sufficient, because the weight of 34UM68 is only 6 kg. Since you will use it placed on the desk, we will mount the monitor on its stand.

So we get not only the possibility of lateral rotation, but the possibility of regulation in height +/- 12 cm and frontal slope from +15 to -5 degrees.

If you're a gamer will definitely appreciate this feature. For those who are not one hint - if classical work on a computer stand that.

Looking at the body of the monitor impression you make the most simple of applications to the exits and back. 2 HDMI port version 2.0, Display Port, OC In and headphone jack. Look no further ports in peripheral areas - that's all.

Come to think of what more we need in a game? Second, where are the keys monitor settings? In fact, the button is only 1 and is combined with a joystick which controls the virtual settings. Have you had to type in all those countless settings. Interestingly, in this monitor everything is done intuitively, but this is no surprise to fans of the brand who know that such a menu we had in previous models monitors.

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To return for a moment his eyes on the back. Did you notice the color of the 3.5mm headphone jack, it is not accidental and is part of the special MaxxAudio sound system which features LG 34UM68. Jack is a gilded contact surface, and as we know precious metal guarantees a much better sound quality. Of course, to get the maximum enjoyment when playing, we recommend you to buy specialized gaming headphones.


With its 34 "diagonal display, the monitor provides us with enough visual UltraWide area with aspect ratio 21: 9. Believe us, once you play strategy in the 21: 9 never think of 16: 9 monitor. So you have control over larger areas which is a hidden advantage against opponents.

Full HD resolution is 2560x1080, some here would quote they want 4K. October, LG could increase to 3440x1440 pixels as the model 34UC97 which we showed you recently, but then the price would jump dramatically. A goal in 34UM68 is to be positioned in the affordable class with a value of just over $600.

With so much visual area, quite expectedly monitor is to be able to be divided into two workspaces. This extra we met before at different models and brands. In LG 34UM68 however we find something different and cool. Fast PIP Mode icon, thanks to which you have a quick and selecting seem out of all 14 variants.