Google Mode for Android Wear

Designer leashes Google Mode for Android Wear now available for € 44

Google Mode for Android Wear
Designer leashes Google Mode for Android Wear
Android Wear is a version of the popular mobile platform for smart watches on the market and has become the biggest competitor to Apple in this market niche. Google does not develop their own such devices, and provide ready software that leading manufacturers use in their devices and now present a new initiative that says Mode For Android Wear

In fact, under this name lies a series of attractive wristwatch straps with Android Wear, which owners can customize them according to their preferences.

Each of these accessories maintain a "Snap And Go" technology, which most easily connect and swap with others and are optimized for models like Huawei Watch, Asus ZenWatch 2 new Moto 360 and others. The company specified that Mode straps are available in four different sizes, namely 22, 20, 18 and 16 mm, and thus can be used on any smart clock platform, irrespective of the size thereof. Google has partnered with designer Hadley Roma in their creation, they are made of Italian leather or silicone, users can choose between 16 different colors.

The mechanism by which they are placed and rotate your device is simple, the company assured that the name Mode can be used freely by all manufacturers of smart watches and accessories. To a large extent we have to say that so Google wants to keep up with Apple in this market niche as the company has introduced new Apple Watch straps of his last big event. Currently, silicone versions Mode for Android Wear are sold at Amazon and Best Buy at a price of € 44, while those with Italian leather cost € 53.