My new smartphone – Samsung Galaxy J5 2016


My first impressions of the budged mid-range Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 first impressions
Samsung Galaxy J5 2016… and my shoe
I got a new phone today and I want to share my first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 with you. This is a mid-range smartphone which was introduced earlier this year as an upgrade of the relatively successful Samsung Galaxy J5 and its 2015 version. 

The Note 3 Neo

Since today I was using the Note 3 Neo and I have to say I was really sad to let this phone go. My biggest concern was that the phone was going to get out of warranty very soon and I just didn’t want to risk owning it after it expired.

First impressions

My first impressions from the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 are actually very good. I bought the black version of the phone but it is also offered in white and gold. I have to admit although it is the budget proposal in this class the Galaxy J5 2016 looks really nice and doesn’t feel cheap and plastic. The metal frame on the side leave a quality feel and impression but also add some weight for the overall 159 g.

Best budget smartphone for 2017 – Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

The purchase

My main purchase driver was the fact that the J5 2016 is not that expensive and it has pretty decent specs that were also quite similar to the ones of my Note 3 Neo. I was also considering the very capable Lenovo A7010 and the new Galaxy A5 2016 but they both costed more and I couldn’t give my trust to Lenovo as I am still not convinced they offer the highest quality hardware. What I also liked is the fact that it has a slightly better camera (compared to my old phone of course) and that the 2016 J5 has a similarly large battery of 3100 mAh.
I also managed to find a nice silicone case and display protectors but I will share more information about them later on.
I will use the phone for couple more weeks and share my full impressions soon, together with an advanced consumer review of the J5 2016.

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