Premium tech: LG OLED B6P 4K TV

Price info and features of the premium 4K  OLED TV -  LG OLED B6P

Premium tech: LG OLED B6P 4K TV
Today’s review will feature one of the highest quality 4K TVs on the market – the LG OLED B6P. This TV outperforms almost all TVs out there, with the exception of the more expensive OLED TVs from 2016.

The perfect black levels, wide viewing angles accurate color and bright picture, the TV proves to be top of the top. The design is also strikingly slim and sleek.

A major drawback, however, is the price – this is a high-end TV and it’s priced around $2800 which makes it not too affordable. It still is high-end and delivers the best picture quality so it could be considered as a best value buy for the OLED series.
The curved version of the B6, the C6, has the same specifications and features with the exception that the C6 supports 3D while the B6 does not. Besides that, the difference in flat / curved is mostly aesthetic.
Plenty of LCD TVs are exceedingly slim in profile these days, but few take it to the level of OLED. The top half of the B6 TV, which consists of just the OLED panel itself and enough structure to support it, is pencil thin, just 0.18 inch (4.6 mm) deep.

The bottom half with the electronics, power supply, inputs etc is thicker at just less than two inches (50 mm). The B6 and other 2016 models can work with a standard VESA wall mount.

The B6 uses LG’s Web OS Smart TV system, which is solid but not the best on the market with Roku, Android TV and Samsung’s OS leading the way. 4K streaming is available from Netflix, Amazon and Vudu. Other apps are also available – Spotify, Google Play Movies, Hulu etc.

There’s voice search and a content store, however they are not intuitive to use so at the end, a better solution would be to get your streams from an external source, such as a Chromecast.

Main features
Display technology
LED backlight
HDR compatible
HDR10 and Dolby Vision
Screen shape
Smart TV
Web OS
3D capable

  • 4x HDMI inputs with HDMI 2.0a, HDCP 2.2
  • 3x USB port
  • 1x component video input
  • 1x composite video input (shared with component)
  • Ethernet (LAN) port
  • Optical digital audio output
  • RF (antenna) input
  • Remote (RS-232) port (minijack)

Picture quality
The basis of the OLED technology is using plasma and each individual sub-pixel is responsible for illumination whereas LCD uses backlight shining through a liquid crystal panel. This is why OLED creates such a high end picture quality, unparalleled so far.

Dim lighting: OLED is king here. The B6 produces perfect black, compared with the variously lighter shades of black found on the LCD TVs. As usual the difference shows up most in dark scenes. Shadow detail isn't OLED's strongest suit but still very good after calibration to fix the default settings' crushed blacks.

Bright lighting: While OLED's black level and contrast advantages are more obvious as the lights dim, they're still evident in normal and even brighter room lighting, delivering more pop at the same light output settings as the LED LCDs.
Color accuracy: The B6 shows highly accurate color in light scenes, however in relatively dim areas there’s a bit of a redder appearance.  Professional calibration will most likely resolve the issue.

Video processing: The B6 is very good in this category, and LG has alleviated some of the jumpiness from last year with some pans and camera movement with film-based material. There is less judder (in a good way) than last year. Input lag in game mode for the B6 shows 37,6 ms.

Uniformity: Another big OLED's advantage over LCD is its superb image when viewed from positions other than the sweet spot directly in front of the screen. Seen from off-angle, the B6 maintains black level fidelity and color accuracy much, much better than any of the LED LCDs, all of which washed out in comparison.

HDR and 4K video: The B6 is a superb HDR performer overall, evincing similar advantages to standard dynamic range content. Nature-scapes look brilliant in HDR on the B6, sunlight and skies with more brightness, clouds with characteristic extra definition, natural greens and blues with more realism, and an overall great image.

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