55-inch LG 55EG910V OLED TV reviewed 

Let us introduce in this review one of LG’s flagman models – the brilliant LG 55EG910V OLED TV. The OLED technology offers picture that is better than any LCD or plasma TV. It's equally adept in bright and dark rooms, shows accurate color, and looks better from off-angle than any LED LCD. Its 1080p resolution is plenty for a 55-inch screen.

Despite its great picture and incredible looks, the 55EG910V is still very expensive for a 55-inch TV. Unlike most high-end TVs it doesn't support HDR sources, and some LED LCDs can get brighter. Its 3D picture quality isn't great, and uniformity problems can appear in the darkest scenes. Don’t be fooled – for an OLED TV, the price is among the lowest on the market – after all, no TV delivers the same level of picture quality as an OLED but still, it’s hard to call a $2000 TV a bargain.

You are probably wondering why such a hassle for an "only" 1080p and not 4K resolution TV it turns out that it still outperforms any LED-based LCD TV including the highest-end models with 4K and HDR.

We can’t help but point out that no one else on the market manufactures OLED TVs but LG and the most distinguished characteristic of OLED display is that it allows TVs to get remarkably thin: the top third or so of the EG910V is thinner than a pencil. The bottom third however is fattened by the internal electronic and measures 1 ½ inches. This means that it doesn’t fit well on a wall and you need a special bracket to mount it, the standard VESA won’t do the trick.

Key Features

Display technology          OLED
LED backlight                   N/A
Resolution                        1080p
HDR-compatible               No
Screen shape                   Curved

55" LG 55EG910V 3D Full HD OLED Television

Screen finish                    Glossy
Smart TV                           Web OS 2.0
Remote                             Motion
3D technology                 Passive
3D glasses included         2 pairs
Others:                              Smart TV, 3D, settings and connections

The 55EG910V runs on LG's Web OS 2.0 Smart TV system, which is quite a bit faster and more responsive than version 1.0. There's also a (weak) web browser and (decent) voice search. Check out my EF9500 review if you want more details on Web OS.

The 55EG910V has 3D capability, with two pairs of included passive glasses. It shows similar known issues as other 1080p resolution TVs with passive 3D, namely jagged edges and some visible line structure.

Communication-wise, the TV’s back panel has 3 x HDMI, 3 x USB, 1 x Ethernet port, an antenna output, optical digital audio and an analog AV input that supports component or composite video via an included breakout cable.

Picture Quality

The overall picture quality of the 55EG910V is simply breathtaking. It lives up to every single expectation out there for the OLED technology and surpasses all non-OLED TVs, even the high-end models. The contrast is incredible and the black level is absolute – this is what OLED is famous for, after all.  Colours on the EG910V are very accurate and natural. Video processing is delivered in the correct 1080p/24 film cadence, and just like previous OLED sets, the default Off position for TruMotion introduces a bit too much judder.

Motion resolution is lower than Samsung TVs, because the 55EG910V, like all current OLED sets, uses sample and hold technology. The input lag is low enough to play on Game mode without any issues or disturbances in the experience.

When it comes to uniformity, the OLED has an excellent off-angle image. When seen from positions other than right in the middle, every LED LCD will lose fidelity, becoming discolored and washing out. With an OLED like the 55EG910V, the image remains vibrant and pristine from just about any angle. However, the 55EG910V still falls short than high end LCD TVs in terms of uniformity.

It’s worth to note that OLED is typically not that bright and this is visible in 55EG910V as well – its maximum light output is a bit lower than competing LED LCD TVs. That only shows in not very well lit rooms. When the room is adequately bright, the OLED TV does not seem dim at all.
In terms of 3D, we have to admit that it’s not top quality. The downside is the visible line structure and jagged edges and it tends to be worse than some 3D LCD LED TVs.

Product specifications

General Information
Product Series
Digital Audio Output
Number of HDMI Ports
Number of USB Ports
Network RJ-45
Weight Approximate
12.80 kg
71.9 cm (H): 122.5 cm (W): 48.9 cm (D)
Curved Screen, Progressive Scan, Mobile High Definition Link (MHL), Time Machine
Aspect Ratio
3D Type
Internet Access
PC Streaming
Screen Size
139.7 cm (55")

LG 55EG910V
Reviewed by Test and Review on 02/02/2017
Rating: 4.0