Car update: 2017 Lincoln Continental

2017 Lincoln Continental  quick video review

The all new 2017 Lincoln Continental was released couple of months ago and we only hear superlatives about this great looking limousine. The renewed version of this all-time classics is not only pretty but also quite capable vechicle - it is packed with features that make the new Continental look and feel like a premium luxury car but offered on quite a reasonable price.

I personally like the 2017 Lincoln Continental quite a lot and I think it will be a serious competitor for the Mercedes E-class and Lexus GS series as well as for some of the popular American models. Of course the Continental hasn't show up on the US market for more than a decade and it will need to prove its good qualities from scratch.

Enjoy this quick two minute video review to learn more about the 2017 Continental:

2017 Lincoln Continental video review

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2017 Lincoln Continental
Reviewed by Test and Review on 02/02/2017
Rating: 4.5