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Techwood 50AO1SB TV features, price info, specifications and product review

Techwood TV review

Today we want to point your attention towards an inexpensive TV that can also serve as a gaming monitor. The Techwood 50AO1SB is a very credible option specs and budget-wise. It delivers more contrast and motion clarity than most of its cheap peers. 

The TV is good value for money and provides good picture quality considering the price. There are some downsides, of course – the sound quality is poor and the SD looks rough, but overall, the price is unmatched.

Key Features

  • 50-inch LCD TV with LED lighting
  • Full HD native resolution
  • Smart TV features including Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Multimedia playback via USB
  • Price at around $440

The 50AO1SB’s design is not anything extraordinary, it’s fairly straightforward with a black fascia and a rectangular silver stand. It’s robustly built and the TV is overall surprisingly slim for its price.

Communication is decent too – 3 x HDMI ports, 2 x USB ports and, surprisingly, wired and wireless network connections. The remote control is fancy too – you have direct access buttons for Netflix and Youtube and a browser button as well. It’s also very effective, the buttons are responsive. The onscreen menus are a bit old-looking but well organized so navigating is straightforward.

Picture Quality
The picture quality of this TV is a bit subjective (as with every other low budget TV). Depending on one’s expectations and standards, the quality assessment can vary largely. Of course, it’s expected that this TV’s picture quality cannot compare to the kings of the big screen in the TV world, but, for the price announced, there are few rivals that can compete with the Techwood.

The biggest surprise here (and pleasant, may I add) is the black level response – when set up correctly, the TV provides deep and convincing black tones and there are no noticeable backlight clouding problems. There’s even a good amount of shadow detail in dark areas despite what is commonly seen in cheap TVs.

The inevitable, however, is that to achieve credible clack levels, the 50AO1SB sacrifices the brightness levels. The TV can still do bright via the dynamic or natural preset in case you are watching in a bright room and we may say that it’s worth the compromise as you get a better black level so the experience in viewing in a dark room is better.

The color palette of the 50AO1SB is also better than most of its cheap rivals. The TV exhibits a warm, balanced tone and blend subtlety in cinema mode unlike the cartoonish approach of its rivals. The natural feel of the colours is also preserved during dark scenes.

The TV’s sharpness with HD content is also pleasant, HD images look crisp and detailed. Unfortunately, the TV lacks motion processing so there’s deduction in sharpness in scenes with a lot of motion, but not as severe as other cheap TVs.

The biggest area of picture weakness for the 50AO1SB is its standard definition performance, as a lack of upscaling prowess leaves standard definition broadcasts looking noisy, soft and painfully devoid of the color subtlety that’s so in evidence with HD.

Sound Quality
While the 50AO1SB delivers surprisingly good pictures for its money,  the sound quality is rather bad. Its speakers deliver an at times painfully thin, compressed sound that distorts readily under pressure, causes wince-inducing harshness when there’s any serious amount of treble. 

It struggles to keep voices sounding rounded and clear, even with undemanding content. You’ll probably want to add a soundbar or soundbase at some point, in other words.

Techwood 43AO4USB Specifications


57.2cm(H) 97.4cm(W) 9.4cm(D)

Remote Control:

Smart Remote x 1

Screen Size:

43 Inches

Screen Type:




Smart TV:


Vesa Wall Mount Supported:


Resolution Size:

3840 x 2160

Resolution Type:

4K Ultra HD

Manufacture Motion Rate:

50 Hz

Internet Connection:

Built-in Wifi

Web Browsing:


Tuner Type:

Freeview HD

Processor Type:

Double Core

Standard Refresh Rate:

50 Hz

HDMI Input:


Component Video Input:


Composite Video Input:


USB Input:


VGA Input:


Ethernet (LAN) Input:


Headphone Socket:










Viewing Angle:

178 / 178 Degrees

Stand Type:


Ultra HD 4K Upscaling:


Dolby Sound Technology:


Built-in Tuners:

DVB-T2/Cable (HEVC)

Curved Design:


Connected Features:

Freeview Play

4K Ultra HD:


TV Weight:

8.65 Kg

HDR (High Dynamic Range):


USB 3.0:


Stand and Fixings:


Ultra HD 4K Streaming:


HDR Streaming:



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