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5 things that make Tefal Filtra One FF175D71 - the best cheap deep fryer

Why is the Tefal Filtra One FF175D71 the best cheap deep fryer on the market !? Short list of the things we liked about this affordable and yet quite capable deep fryer

Tefal Filtra One FF175D71
Today our Test and Review crew is in the kitchen where we will make some mess with one of the cheap deep fryers offered by Tefal - Filtra One FF175D71. Before I proceed with the actual review, here is the list with the top 5 things you will like about the One Filtra:
  1. It looks great - black plastics combined with inox steel body make look professional even though it is just a consumer fryer
  2. It cooks nice - it is a deep fryer and it does the job very well
  3. Oil filtering - have your oil always clear thanks to the One Filtra system
  4. It is cheap - it costs less than $80 (around 70 Euros on the European market)
  5. Built-in timer
And it is made by Tefal - it looks and feels like a quality made product.

The One Filtra SS model, which claims to have an intelligent system for oil filtration aiming to keep your cooking oil fresh for longer.

General information:
As we can see, this is a sleek inox model which will not occupy a lot of space on your kitchen counters. With its 2.1 L volume you can fit just enough deep-fried food for several portions. It is a good solution for a family of four or if you expect guests, as well as for everyday use.

This deep fryer is easy to store due to its compact size and foldable handle - it’s made to fit anywhere. Tefal also claim it’s very easy to clean with a sponge and the filter and frying basket are suitable to be cleaned in a dishwasher. There’s a viewing window on top so you can track the progress of your food preparation, and, of course, you can regulate the cooking temperature between 150 and 190C. Despite the temperature of the cooking oil, the walls of the fryer are well-isolated so it can be touched even when it’s on and cooking.

The best feature (or so Tefal claims) about this deep fryer is the oil filtration system it employs. The oil is filtered through a special metal net so there’s no hard parts or sediments in the cooking oil, which keeps it fresh for longer. Still, it is not advisable to mix different kinds of oil in the fryer so we suggest to entirely empty the fryer and clean it well before you add a new portion of oil.


The oil filter uses activated carbon and you can change it once every 35 - 50 fries, depending on the food you cook. You can just check the filter indicator - it will show you when your filter needs to be changed, a very convenient feature. However, if you use the fryer to cook fish, we would highly advise to use a separate filter and change it on other types of food. That is, of course, if you don’t like your fries with a fishy edge!



Inox + Black

Oil capacity

2.1 L

Food capacity

1.2 kg


Non-stick coating

Automatic lid opening


Viewing window




Oil filter




Safe to clean in a dishwasher

Frying basket. lid and filtering net

Tips and tricks:

Make sure that your food is entirely dry before you put it in the fryer as you want to avoid diluting / overflowing the cooking oil.

Avoid using peanut oil in fryers - the oil will almost definitely start smoking and is not a healthy option anyway.

Few other tips when using the TEFAL ONE FILTRA:
  • Do not put frozen food directly in the frying basket.
  • Do not put the lid down directly after cooking as it could cause water condensate to form.
  • Do not use or store the fryer outside due to the same reasons.
You can store oil in the fryer until it needs to be changed (the indicator will show you that).
Simply make sure you put the lid down once the oil’s cooled off.
Keep in mind that your oil will be heated and ready for use in 10 to 18 mins.

There is also another quality product from Tefal that grabbed our attention - the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini which I ordered few days ago and am expecting to be delivered today.

Stay tuned for more detailed reviews of these kitchen appliances.