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Edifier Prisma E3350 BT - Bluetooth speakers specs

Specifications of the 2.1 Bluetooth speaker system Edifier Prisma E3350 BT

That is an interesting set of speakers that has been out on the market since 2012 (not the Bluetooth version) and it proved to be a solid purchase for those looking for a better sound for their desktop PCs. Now when the Edifier Prisma E3350 has wireless Bluetooth connectivity it becomes even more versatile and capable. Today at Test and Review we will take a brief look at its main specifications and also a quick presentational video review.

Edifier Prisma E3350 BT specifications
THD + N:10%
FREQUENCY RESPONSE:Satellites: 190Hz - 20kHz
Subwoofer: 30Hz - 130Hz
INPUT SENSITIVITY:Satellites: 550mV ± 50mV (Line-in)
Subwoofer: 200mV ± 50mV (Line-in)
SUBWOOFER / BASS UNIT:5 inch, magnetically shielded, 5Ω
MIDRANGE / HIGH UNIT:2¾ inch, magnetically shielded, 4Ω
TWEETER UNIT:Φ19mm PV dome tweeter, magnetically shielded, 4Ω
DIMENSION:Satellites: 96mm x 234mm x 118mm
Subwoofer: 248mm x 199mm x 294mm (W x H x D)
WEIGHT:4.10Kg (Net) | 5.10Kg (Gross)

Edifier Prisma e3350BT Bluetooth Audio Speakers Review

As for the price, this quality 2.1 speakers system is offered around 100 Euro in Europe and around $80-120 in United States.


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