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Edifier M1370BT Bluetooth multimedia speakers

Reviewing the compact 2.1 Bluetooth sound system Edifier M1370BT / M1370 BT

Today at my consumer blog we are reviewing the compact 2.1 Bluetooth sound system by Edifier - the M1370BT. This is a budget-friendly speaker system that can do a great job as computer sound system upgrade thanks to its 18W subwoofer and 2x 8W satellite speakers.

So, finally there some strong competition for the LOGITECH Z333 Multimedia 2.1 Speakers which did not impress with sound quality, especially considering the good impressions I had so far from Logitech speakers.
The Edifier M1370 BT 2.1 speaker system can be connected to an kind of audio hosts with the 3.5mm auxiliary cable. A master volume control dial is located on the side panel of the subwoofer with the bass trimmer and the 3.5mm line-in jack/port.

The improved M1370 BT is more versatile and functional and thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, this 2.1 speaker system can be paired with Bluetooth-enabled devices to satisfy all your audio needs, without the constraints of cables or wires.

Edifier M1370 unboxing video

Edifier M1370BT specifications

INPUT SENSITIVITY:R/L: 450 mV±50mV SW: 100 mV±20mV
BASS UNIT:5 inch (131mm), magnetically shielded, 8Ω
TWEETER / MID-RANGE:2¾ inch (73mm), magnetically shielded, 4Ω
DIMENSION:Satellites: 90 mm x 158 mm x 100 mm (WxHxD)
Subwoofer: 164 mm x 192 mm x 278 mm (WxHxD)
WEIGHT:Approx. 4.1kg/4.83kg net/gross