Problems and issues with Samsung J5 (2017) fingerprint scanner

Many people are reporting issues with their fingerprint scanners, including the one installed on the latest Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

 Samsung J5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) is a great smartphone - very well made with solid build quality and nice, attractive design. All of its functions and components run quite smoothly but that is not the case with its fingerprint scanner (reader) which may cause some issues during operation.

After less three weeks of using my J5 (2017) I found myself in a tough situation trying to unlock my phone with fingerprint. Sometimes I need to slide my finger couple of times and still my J5 remains locked. Most of the cases the root cause happens to be dirt either on my finger or on the scanner. But there are many times when the scanner looks pretty clean but it returns an error and I need to unlock the phone using previously set up number combination.

I wonder if other consumers experience the same type of issues with the fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) and if this happens to be a common issue or it is just an isolated case. Please feel free to share your view in case you are owner of a J5 or you've just heard something about this problem.

Latest update:

I gave up on using the fingerprint scanner for unlocking my phone and just disabled the feature, it is just not as responsive as it should be. I would recommend you to use another of the security options on your Samsung J5 (like PIN or pattern) unless any of the software updates fixes it.


Peter said...

I have also problems wiith my j5 2017.
Fingerprints Only funktions properly for Less Than 1 week Then I have to delete it and make a
New. I have done that some times now.

SmartGuide said...

Same story here. Many people are reporting same issues with fingerprint scanner on J5 2017. It seems it is more of a quality problem rather than software issue. Let's hope it will be fixed with any of the recent updates though. Other than that this is one very good smartphone.

ALP said...

Fingerprint scanner worked for one day. Had the face recognition scanner on old phone which worked well. Why 're change to a problematic fingerprint device

SmartGuide said...

It seems to be a common issue for the J5 2017. Other than that I think it's a great phone.

Barry said...

Same here, worked fine for a couple of weeks after which the issue started. I reinitialized the fingerprints but that didn't solve the issue (I need to slide my finger a couple of times, only sometimes it works, so I gave up on the fingerprint scanner)

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